Croptober: What It Is and Why It’s the Best Time to Get a Cannabis Job

Published: Jul 6, 2023

Table of Contents

  • Croptober: What It Is and Why It's the Best Time to Get a Cannabis Job
  • What is Croptober and why is it important?
  • What does Croptober mean for cannabis businesses?
  • What does Croptober mean for job candidates?
  • Partner with a trusted cannabis staffing agency for Croptober

Croptober: What It Is and Why It's the Best Time to Get a Cannabis Job

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No one gets quite as excited about fall as Northeasterners, but there’s something else that comes with the crisp autumn air…


Believe it or not, nearly 90% of cannabis plants are ready to harvest during October. After months of caring for the outdoor crop, cultivators then shift into the phase of cutting, drying, curing, and trimming cannabis.

This time of year is affectionately known by cannabis professionals as “Croptober,” and it's a busy time for outdoor grow operations.

What is Croptober and why is it important?

Due to the short time frame between cannabis buds peaking and the plant losing that top-tier quality, harvesters get into a frenzy.

During this limited harvest window, they have to cut all the cannabis and prepare them for drying and trimming. While this may seem ordinary, larger grows can span acres upon acres. One team now has to cut hundreds (and even thousands) of cannabis plants down, on time and on budget.

The good news is that once this season passes, some of the highest-quality cannabis enters the market in one big wave. Outdoor growers see higher margins and consumers get much better products at more affordable prices.

Although Croptober peaks in October, the season of bountiful harvest is generally attributed to September, October, and November. While planning for this season could be done in summer, access to seasonal, temporary workers to assist in the harvesting process can be difficult.

The result is twofold. Cannabis farmers scramble to solve their staffing shortage. People looking for jobs in cannabis that are up against tight deadlines and countless applicants vying for the same temporary positions.

Of course, as the industry continues to develop, there are plenty of cost-effective and easy solutions you can explore.

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What does Croptober mean for cannabis businesses?

you're an outdoor grow operation or a cannabis business impacted by Croptober, start planning ahead.

To prepare your team, figure out the quantity and timeline of your harvest. The longer you wait to put out job openings, the smaller the candidate pool becomes.

Whether you're looking to trim using a team, or trim and grind in bulk, your team must be prepared and sizable enough to take on your harvested crop.

In most cases, you'll need an influx of workers and additions to the team. There will be a lot of interviewing, hiring, and training to do.

Contract hiring and temporary work can seem daunting to many businesses because there's still the burden to hire the right people. For specialized jobs like cannabis harvesting, your business needs experienced seasonal workers.

To have a lucrative harvest and avoid mistakes that will lose your investment during Croptober, you need to get the ball rolling quickly. Rather than using valuable time and resources to go through the extensive hiring process, turn to a reputable cannabis staffing agency like The United Green.

We assist businesses with adding personnel in a variety of ways, including:

  • Contract personnel
  • Project-based personnel (such as trim teams)
  • Budtenders
  • Contract-to-direct personnel

What does Croptober mean for job candidates?

Whether you're an experienced plant specialist or looking to begin your cannabis career, Croptober is a great time to start. Due to the importance of the season for growers, you'll see many job opportunities hit the market, giving you a better chance at getting the role you really want.

But since cannabis businesses are in a rush to hire, you may find yourself in a contract role that's not a good fit for you. Whether the culture doesn't align with your needs, or you feel too much pressure because of the time of year, you don't want to end up in a role that isn't right for you.

Do you prefer seasonal cannabis jobs or simply want to gain experience in one sector of the industry? Browse our cannabis industry job openings to find opportunities with vetted, respectable businesses.

In addition to building a relationship with some of the best brands in the industry, you'll have access to our recruiting team who'll ensure your personal needs are being met.

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Partner with a trusted cannabis staffing agency for Croptober

Whether you're a cannabis business or someone seeking a job in the industry, The United Green can connect you to the best of the best.

As both advocates and cannabis staffing professionals, we want to help companies create the best product for their customers. With Croptober being so critical to that mission, we are partnering with teams and individuals to ensure you have a successful harvest season.

Contact us today to learn more about our Croptober cannabis staffing services.