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Get more candidates by leveraging United Green's job distribution network. Post to all of the top jobs boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter and more.

Get more candidates by leveraging United Green's job distribution network. Post to all of the top jobs boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter and more.

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  • 47% increasein retention.

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    billed annually at $1,299


    For occasional hiring

    • Single User
    • 1 Location
    • 3 Active Jobs
    • Unlimited Assessments
    • Career Page
    • Onboarding
    • Support


    billed annually at $4,999


    For medium companies

    • 3 Users
    • 5 Locations
    • 10 Active Jobs
    • One Way Video Interviewing
    • AI Tools
    • Text Recruiting
    • Includes Starter features


    billed annually at $8,999


    For large companies

    • Unlimited Users
    • 10 Locations
    • Unlimited Active Jobs
    • Custom Staging
    • Includes Standard features


    For those needing an enterprise-grade solution

    Frequently asked questions

      Can UG Hire's pre-hire assessments guarantee future job performance?

      While no assessment can claim 100% accuracy in predicting job performance, UG Hire's pre-hire assessments offer valuable insights into a candidate's potential fit and abilities, assisting employers in making well-informed hiring decisions.

      Are UG Hire assessments verified for reliability

      Yes, UG Hire's personality and cognitive assessments undergo rigorous testing and validation, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness throughout the hiring process.

      Can I customize the questions for one-way video interviews

      Certainly. Customize interview questions to suit your specific role, set the number of questions, establish time limits for responses, and choose whether to allow retakes based on your preferences.

      Why should one consider incorporating one-way interviews in the hiring process

      Employers benefit from a more efficient screening process, the ability to assess a larger pool of candidates in less time, and the flexibility to review interviews at their convenience. This method expedites the shortlisting of candidates for in-depth interviews.

      Can candidates be manually added to the platform

      Absolutely. Manually adding candidates is a straightforward process. Once added, you can upload resumes and seamlessly manage them through the entire hiring workflow.

      How does UG Hire simplify the offer letter process

      UG Hire streamlines the offer letter process by delivering high-quality, branded digital offer letters. This paperless and efficient approach accelerates the hiring process, providing a professional start to your relationship with new hires.