Uniting Top Candidates With Leading Companies

Published: Apr 1, 2022

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  • Uniting Top Candidates With Leading Companies
  • States we Service
  • Hiring Services
  • Our clients love us due to 3 Core Pillars we inspire at United Green

Uniting Top Candidates With Leading Companies

The United Green specializes in helping cannabis industry businesses build their teams.

connecting the cannabis industry with professional talent

The United Green is a full-service staffing company that specializes in the cannabis industry exclusively. We help create industry partnerships, connecting cannabis cultivation companies, processing facilities, labs and more across the United States to top industry talent.

Hiring is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business, especially in the state-legal cannabis industry, where each has its own set of laws, guidelines and obstacles. The United Green believes in the healing effects of CBD and THC, and we want to help established companies find their A-Team to create the best prod- uct for their customers. Our mission is to help the cannabis and hemp industries focus on their goals of bringing more health options to patients and consumers across the United States. As you grow, so will your team. Here are five benefits of partnering with a cannabis staffing firm that you might not be able to get if you try to hire on your own:

Our experienced talent specialists have a passion for networking and matching job seekers with their dream career. We focus on integrating our client’s business model and making the hiring process as seamless as possible. We assist our clients with Direct, Contract-to-Direct, Contract, and Project personnel needs. The United Green aspires to help people navigate employment within the cannabis industry, as well as building a diverse network of industry trailblazers in the process.

As experts in compliance, we understand each states' regulations, from Michigan to Arizona, Colorado to Massachusetts - that's why The United Green can help no matter where you are.

We also understand that there are many different paths to choose from, whether you’re new to the industry, have experience, or you're an expert in everything green. We staff all business areas across the cannabis industry and can support any type of candidate or company. We commonly work with secure transport, lab testing, grow facilities, provisioning, and processing facilities.

We pride ourselves on bringing professionalism and excellent customer service to our clients throughout the country. As we continue to grow, The United Green plans on expanding our suite of services to eventually be a one-stop-shop for all cannabis HR needs to support each state with a legal THC and hemp market. Below is a glance of what we offer and how we can help your business succeed.

States we Service:

  • MI, OH, IL, CO, FL, NV, MA, OK, CA, PA, NJ, MO, CT, AZ

Hiring Services:

  • Contact, Contract-to-direct, Direct

Our clients love us due to 3 Core Pillars we inspire at United Green:

  • Great People

    : We lead with Great Candidates from our unique processes and the largest Cannabis Database in the nation.
  • Service

    : We take care of our Clients and our Contractors with benefits that directly impact the bottom line.
  • Value

    : Our custom plans save your money so you can make more money. This flexibility allows us to pivot when needed and execute at a high level.

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