5 Benefits of Partnering with a Strategic Cannabis Staffing Firm

Published: Jan 1, 2023

Table of Contents

  • 5 Benefits of Partnering with a Strategic Cannabis Staffing Firm
  • Fast Quality Hires
  • Cost-Efficient Process
  • Flexible Options
  • Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Work with The United Green for your next cannabis business hire

5 Benefits of Partnering with a Strategic Cannabis Staffing Firm

As the professional cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, there is no shortage of employees looking to enter the workforce. On top of that, there are a plethora of experienced individuals looking to move up the ladder and work with highly esteemed cannabis businesses.


For employers looking to hire, this means there is a wealth of options so long as you are brave enough to sort through and find your perfect fit. When you consider the need for specialized skills, cultural fit, and budget requirements, it can become a daunting task.

Partnering with a strategic cannabis staffing firm allows you to fill your roles and build up your team so that you can focus your time, money, and energy on building a business that stands out in the industry.

As you grow, so will your team. Here are five benefits of partnering with a cannabis staffing firm that you might not be able to get if you try to hire on your own:

Fast Quality Hires

Staffing agencies work around the clock to build a qualified network of candidates. By partnering with a strategic cannabis recruiting firm, you can have a team dedicated to your business's success that is already equipped with a database of top talent. Working with a staffing firm ensures your hiring initiatives are met at a 53% quicker turnaround time.

In other words, we do the hard work to provide you with a gold mine that is just waiting for you to explore. As a result, you can quickly hire qualified candidates without having to go through the entire hiring process from start to finish yourself.

The United Green not only provides top talent to the industry but networks its clients to their own network to further the relationship. We firmly believe in helping cannabis businesses like yours find opportunities wherever possible.

Cost-Efficient Process

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost per hire is just over $4,000.

However, when you are able to hire candidates quickly, you are able to reduce your costs. Expenses like job board fees, agency fees, and costs associated with background check services can also be avoided or reduced by partnering with a cannabis staffing firm. In fact, according to our internal data, The United Green provides companies with short and long-term savings of 20% to 37.5%.

Employers looking to find trained and specialized cannabis candidates can avoid taking on the full cost of the hiring process. You can even save on pre-employment testing or even payroll processing depending on your partnership.

All in all, The United Green's unique business model works for you at all times. We not only save you time and money but actually make you money while working with us. This customer-first approach has been the key driver of our growth, not only in the Midwest but nationally as well.

Flexible Options

Hiring a full-time employee can be a time-consuming process. Partnering with a specialized staffing firm like The United Green gives you more flexible hiring options. For example, instead of making a costly full-time hire and risking the employee not working out, you can implement a 'trial run' by taking on a contract-to-hire employee.

Contract-to-hire roles allow you to see first-hand if the employee is able to meet the expectations of your business, as well as if they are the right cultural fit. Similar to an internship or a probation period, you may choose to transition the employee from a contractor into a full-time employee.

Moreover, a staffing firm can help you meet the needs of your existing team. At The United Green, our teams can help you meet your inclusion standards and source talent from several different backgrounds including veterans and people with disabilities.

Whether you need a long-term contract employee, full-time employee, or contract-to-hire individual, cannabis staffing agencies give you flexible hiring options that allow you to spend more time and money focusing on building the right team the right way.


Industry-Specific Expertise

Strategic cannabis staffing agencies can provide you with industry-specific expertise around hiring. For instance, when you work with The United Green we can help you attract a better quality of candidates because we understand the language of the cannabis industry.

While a typical HR team or working professional may spend time finding candidates, they're most likely taking up the hiring process intermittently or as the need arises. This means they are splitting their time between everything from orientation and training to employee reviews, payroll, benefits, referral programs, and so much more.

An employment firm like The United Green focuses on just one thing: finding you the top candidates to fit your job opening and your unique company culture.

Increased Team Productivity

Oftentimes, when a team is hiring, the burden is placed on the rest of the team to fill in the gaps. Strategic staffing agencies can give you fast quality hires under a cost-efficient process with flexible options and industry-specific expertise. The result is an increase in productivity for not only your HR team but also the department with the job opening.

Additionally, the quality of the people you hire impacts your current team. Recruiting the top level of talent helps improve not only the morale and productivity of your team but also the efficiency and skill with which they grow.

For instance, if you find an industry-leading cannabis marketing professional, the rest of your team will have a higher caliber to learn from and work with. In other words, working with a strategic cannabis staffing firm will allow you to raise the bar both internally and externally in your cannabis business.


Work with The United Green for your next cannabis business hire

The United Green is a leading strategic cannabis staffing firm in the U.S. With 97% client satisfaction, you know your team is in great hands with the only certified staffing company in the country.

We assist companies like yours with finding top talent in order to set the right foundation for growth. By partnering with us, you can build a powerful community at work with a team that gets it. Contact us to get started today