CannaBusiness Profile Hour: Jacob Petersmark

Published: Jul 1, 2022

Table of Contents

  • 4 Questions with The United Green's Jacob Petersmark
  • Why looking beyond skills and experience is essential in hiring.

4 Questions with The United Green's Jacob Petersmark

Why looking beyond skills and experience is essential in hiring.

  • How does the United Green ensure that candidates' work ethic and values align with our company culture and goals?

    The cannabis industry is one of the newest and most exciting markets out there right now. The United Green recognizes that every company has a different and unique culture and business model. That's why we have a hands-on, modernized approach with our partners and job seekers. Once we fully identify the types of employees our partners are looking for, we begin our multi-staged vetting and interview process in-house. Our talent specialists individually screen and interview each potential candidate before they are submitted to our client. Utilizing people to staff people is unique to United Green in the cannabis staffing space and further allows us to connect job seekers more effectively to new roles and careers. These processes ensure that we fully understand each of our partners' business models and cultures.
  • Why are probationary periods for candidates recommended in hiring, and for what levels do they usually apply?

    With the costs of hiring continuing to rise, probationary periods give companies time and flexibility to make sure they are bringing on the perfect fit. Therefore, United Green offers contract options, saving our partners costs, while also giving all of our United Green employees an opportunity to earn a full-time job in the industry. This applies at any level in the industry, whether you are getting your foot in the door for the first time or an executive-level placement. We work hand-in-hand with our partners and candidates throughout the whole interview process to ensure both parties are on the same page. Full transparency between both client and candidate is essential for a seamless hiring process.
  • Our company's budget and the candidate's salary requirements have a $20,000 gap. How would United Green work to remedy this situation?

    United Green aims to eliminate this issue before it arises. When we partner with our clients, we make sure we find the exact salary range they are looking to provide potential applicants. United Green then performs our multi-staged recruiting process to make sure we find candidates who would be more than happy making the desired salary. When all goes well and a partner of ours decides to extend an offer to one of our Job Seekers - we take the time to find the perfect middle ground where our partners can save costs and our candidate is very excited about starting off their new career with a healthy salary.
  • What inspired United Green to focus on hiring in the cannabis space and not offer staffing services to other industries?

    My call to cannabis stemmed from my late family members' battles with cancer. During this time, I saw firsthand the benefits cannabis provided my mother and grandmother during treatment. What resulted was an internal call-to-action for me to increase awareness surrounding the many medicinal benefits cannabis has to offer. This eventually led to the introduction of The United Green -A cannabis-specific staffing agency focused on providing more health options to people across The United States.

Today, we hold a continued belief in the healing effects of CBD and THC serving as the foundation for The United Green. Surpassing our 3,000th hire, our passion for promoting the benefits of cannabis is seen in the continued successes of The United Green. Ranking in the top 1% of cannabis staff- ing agencies nationwide. It's amazing what United Green has been able to accomplish with a team of young professionals fueled by a passion for helping others.